When Should You Replace Your LAN Cable?

In any system that has multiple components or a degree of complexity, then something is going to decay. It’s a law of physics. Even if there aren’t any moving parts, there is going to be something that wears down over time and may require repair, maintenance, or replacement. This includes the LAN cable that acts as the medium between your computer and your modem or router. 

However, it might be a challenge to figure out when a replacement is needed and when you just need to make a change or two. Cables aren’t exactly the sort of thing that has clearly visible wear and tear as a signal of when you need to get a new one. So, how does someone tell how to identify if a LAN cable might need replacement?

The Obvious Indications
Let’s open with the obvious signs. If the cable is determined to no longer work or has physical damage, then a replacement is in order. This is true in any circumstance and they’re also the most logical criteria for when to get something replaced.

The first part is easy enough. A LAN cable that doesn’t work needs to be replaced. You only do this once you’ve gone through all of the necessary steps to determine that the problem is something that can’t be solved or comes from a different source.

There are multiple ways to check if the cable itself is the problem. Do some quick troubleshooting, like plugging in a different cable or replacing the devices. If the process of elimination tells you the cable is the problem, then you can buy a replacement.


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