What is ITSM and what are its benefits for companies?

To align customer needs and expectations, you need to know what ITSM is . This is because it is able to unite the sectors, technologies and processes of the company so that products and services present higher quality.

You may remember that, in the past, those who worked with IT were more isolated. That is, without dialoguing with other sectors of the company and even with customers. However, with ITSM, this has changed by allowing the business, IT employees and consumers to unite.

Are you curious to better understand what ITSM is? Then read on, as we will explain this subject in depth!

After all, what is ITSM?
ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management , which means IT Service Management . The objective of this management is to adopt a working method (including planning, execution and monitorament the IT services ) Quality and is compatible with the client.

For this to be possible, it is necessary to be able to identify what the needs and expectations of customers are , in order to offer quality products and services that meet the demand.

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In this sense, ITSM goes beyond the service area, in which the customer contacts to ask questions or report failures. This is because this management also includes other sectors such as finance, marketing and operational.

In order to be applied, ITSM can count on different tools and software , making the work much easier. 

We can take the example of NetSupport , which offers complete IT management, with highly trained professionals to take care of your company's IT area. In addition, there is 24-hour technical support and quality assurance, since you are the one who closes the call. 


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