What does an industrial engineer do?

When it comes to IT, much is said about Mechatronics, Electrical and Automation engineering. But what about Industrial Engineering ? What is it for? Who are and what do the professionals working in this area?

In a nutshell, Industrial Engineering is the branch of engineering responsible for making industries work more efficiently . Its focus is to create solutions for machines and workers to produce products and services more intelligently, using fewer resources and using less energy .

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To this end, Industrial Engineering also employs practices and methodologies specially developed to ensure that its efforts cause less and less negative impacts on society and the environment. Among its main priorities are the health, safety and well-being of workers, as well as the protection of natural resources.

But after all, where can an industrial engineer work ? What are your roles and responsibilities? The main function of the industrial engineer is to analyze and develop complex systems to optimize the efficiency of processes . 

Professionals in the field apply their skills in many different situations, from product manufacturing to business administration . His focus is on finding ways to do the same job more efficiently, balancing time, manpower, energy and security. In other words, its main responsibility is to reduce waste and improve the performance of the production process .

Thus, some of the main responsibilities of an industrial engineer are:

  • Application of mathematical and scientific methods to operations and systems integration.
  • Analysis and development of production schedules and flows.
  • Analysis and monitoring of information and results to create more agile manufacturing solutions.
  • Quality management of products and processes.
  • Design of activity and operation coordination systems.
  • Development of financial control systems and efficient cost analysis.
  • Improvement of production methods with a focus on worker safety.

As you can see, Industrial Engineering is an extremely comprehensive industry. With its wide range of functions and skills, the professional in the area has access to job opportunities in the most varied sectors, including:

  • Service industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Logistic service providers
  • Research and development institutes
  • Engineering Consulting Services


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