What does a technologist do?

There are many doubts that still surround technological training. A large part of the population is not sure how technological courses work and, therefore, does not know their advantages. The technologist is a professional with a higher education degree, specialized in a specific area of ​​activity, in contrast to the bachelor 's degree , which offers more comprehensive training.

For example, a Bachelor of Business Administration may work in the Marketing, Finance, People Management, etc. The technologist trained in Human Resources Management will work only with HR, in any of its subsequent fields, such as recruitment and selection. From there, keep following this post to better understand the particularities of technological training. Check out!


The biggest difference between a technologist course and a bachelor's degree is the duration. Technological graduations were developed with the objective of meeting a market demand, which needed trained professionals more quickly. Therefore, a technologist course lasts about 3 years, while a bachelor's degree takes, on average, 6 years to complete.

The Computer Systems Analyst job involves troubleshooting any issues related to equipment programs and applications related to information technology. The professional has to coordinate with the IT department to take care of issues related to downtime and formulate solutions to address the problems. 

The difference between the focus of the curricular matrix of technological training and that of a bachelor's degree is also evident. As we mentioned earlier, the bachelor's degree offers a broader training, with theoretical disciplines and other practices. The curriculum of the technologist course is more geared to meet the needs of the market, with practical subjects and without much theory.


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