Under regulatory siege, Big Tech will emphasize open partner ecosystems

In the year that is ending, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other major technology companies have found themselves battling lawsuits, regulatory actions and legislative pressure to break up. In 2021, these and other dominant cloud providers will slow down strategic acquisitions, which they have been accused of using to deter rivals in their path, while expanding and bragging about their open partner ecosystems. Increasingly, large cloud providers will position themselves as back-end service agents in enterprise businesses led by partners. They will minimize efforts to use their hybrid and multicloud cloud solutions as a lever to migrate enterprise workloads from legacy platforms on-site.

The IT Support Engineer is responsible for taking offer application and technical support to the users. They have to respond and resolve the support requests and service tickets.

Augmented reality will help train the employees needed to support the growth of the cloud
Here is a final forecast for cloud computing, referring more to the professional lives of cloud professionals than to the cloud services market. As companies reorganize their cloud management processes, they will adopt a growing range of augmented reality tools to provide training and guidance to the cloud technical team working from home.

Like all companies, cloud companies and their customers will need to ensure that their people are safe, healthy and productive in remote work environments. Innovative approaches like augmented reality are the only way that Amazon can hope to fulfill its recently announced plan to train 29 million people worldwide to work in cloud computing. Even in normal times, Amazon would find it impractical to personally train so many people.

In addition to keeping people safe, the biggest challenge for the cloud computing industry in 2021 will be finding, training and equipping enough qualified people to support customers' digital transformation initiatives.

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