The data security challenges for small businesses

We always think that cybercriminals are focused on big corporations, right? But the reality is different, as 65% of them target small businesses.

The reasons are clear: small business managers don't even realize that they are the targets of cybercrime and that important company and customer data can be stolen; in this way, they facilitate the attack.

Understand a little more about the subject.

Keep business data and personal customer information confidential
The main victims are not the companies, but the countless customers who may have personal information shared among a group of criminals, who operate in the virtual environment.

Desktop Support Technician jobs need some computer knowledge, but not essentially a postsecondary degree. Professionals who have taken some computer-related courses are often skilled.

Recently, a large retailer had customer data leaked and its reputation tarnished due to the attack suffered - despite the measures taken, consumer data was compromised.

As the situation is hardly reversed, the adoption of preventive measures is the best way out. For this, it is necessary for the manager to recognize this first challenge and understand, in fact, the importance of investing in data security.


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