Systems not updated

Failure to update systems can put all teams at risk. This is a routine ignored by many companies, but it is capable of opening up to a series of digital security threats, since many attacks are structured to exploit known issues that have not been fixed in time.

Therefore, always create a routine to find, test, validate and apply updates with agility and precision. Thus, the company will be able to reduce risks and make the environment safer for its professionals, customers, partners and shareholders.

4. Use of insecure passwords
Insecure passwords create digital security holes in all private business environments. They facilitate the work of password cracking algorithms by brute force and, thus, give more space for intrusions.

To protect itself, the company must instruct professionals to always have secure passwords that are not repeated between services. Thus, the chances of an account being compromised will be much less.

Many companies rely on technology to be more efficient and able to meet market demands. IT integrated with the corporate environment and with modern technologies can help the business to have an integrated and high performance work environment.

However, if poorly managed, IT can become a risk factor. The absence of a good governance and data security policy compromises the work environment, creates vulnerabilities and allows attacks to occur easily.

The Field Service Technician professionals will be accountable for upgrading the equipment including applicable software, hardware, and data telecommunications network equipment.


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