Server errors: What are they and how to fix them?

You have just created and published your site or made important changes or updates and after that, you will be anxious to access it to see how it looks, but here you come across a server error! Frustration and doubt come: What to do? This is a question that many people ask, not knowing how to answer, but that from now on, it will be easy to interpret the main server errors, to know what they are and how to solve them.

What are server errors?
The first question that must be understood, in order to deal with any problem, is its origin. It is no different in the case of a server error.

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Although normally people imagine that a server error is the responsibility of the support to resolve, after all it appears as a "server error", it is not always so, especially in cases where this error started to occur after a change made to your site.

For starters, remember that most hosting plans on the market consist of shared hosting plans , which means that your website is hosted on a server along with several other websites and that everyone must use the same services at the same time. , including the web server responsible for displaying your site and all others. Thus, the server must have the flexibility to serve the most diverse types of web application.

Web servers are very powerful and are able to handle an immense volume of requests, but like everything in life, there are limits and there are rules for this to happen. When a limit is exceeded or a rule is not met, that's when the error happens. In short, the server was unable to fulfill your request and returned an error.

In most cases, it is reasonably simple to resolve the issue that caused the error, but for that, it is necessary that the person in charge of the website has some basic notions regarding the hosting environment, the website and carry out a few checks.

It is worth mentioning that although the concept is the same for any server, the means to treat each problem varies from one server to another, especially when there is a difference in the operating systems installed on the server, such as Windows or Linux . Our focus here is on Linux servers.

Last but not least, when we talk about server errors, we are specifically referring to errors of the service that displays web pages and that in the case of Linux servers, the most common one is Apache. There are also those who treat HTTP errors, which is the communication protocol used in this service.


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