Security Analyst Career Roles

Responsible for network security (equipment, server and client operating systems and programs used). It also monitors invasion attempts and misuse of network resources, in addition to defining and maintaining the rules for the use of the company's computer resources.

Recommended training: Degree in Computer Science, Informatics or Computer Engineering or any other area of ​​mathematical basis.


  • Design and maintenance of the network security scheme, including the security of equipment (physical access), data (unauthorized access) and client and server operating systems; this professional proposes, implements and monitors the security policy regarding the use of computational resources.
  • Configuration and maintenance of network security;
  • Constant monitoring of new aspects related to security (new hacking techniques, new security bugs found in products on the network, etc.).
  • Deep knowledge of the TCP / IP protocol and the client and server operating systems existing in the company;
  • In some companies, the Security Analyst is also required to know the programming languages ​​used by the company, this professional is much rarer to find himself in the market and his salary is proportionally higher.
  • Deep knowledge of configuration and? Updating rules? firewalls;
  • Knowledge of typical internet protocols (Frame Relay, X25, ATM, etc.);
  • Use of network traffic monitoring tools, including sniffers.

Salary: Between R $ 4,400 to R $ 6,400 reais

Usually, MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certification is meant for those keen-sighted to establish proficiency in one or more types of office programs. The specialist makes use of certified knowledge center to increase the productivity of an organization.


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