PC overheating

One thing I learned about this early on is that if your PC or fans are running especially hard and seem to overheat or shut off unexpectedly, it could be something as simple as opening the case and cleaning the tower. Sometimes we forget that the computer needs good airflow and as we use it sometimes dust particles, pet hair and other things floating in the air can get inside.

All you have to do to fix this is open the case with often a flat-head or Phillips-head screwdriver, grab a vacuum, a can of air, and blow out the machine while being careful of the electronics within the case. Just be sure to power down, unplug and have an anti-static wristband to avoid shocking key components.

There are always methods with which you can fix your machine. All it takes is the ability to experiment with your computer while making sure you’ve done the proper research on what you’re trying to accomplish first. There are a plethora of simple fixes and actions you can attempt without ever taking it to a computer technician, and it allows you to save money too.

The annual average salary of a Tier II PC Technician in the United States is ,751. Meanwhile, the median average pay per hour is .16, according to payscale.com


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