National Internet of Things Plan

The first signs that the Brazilian government is starting to turn to the future of mobile internet were given during MWC 2017 , in Barcelona. The Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Gilberto Kassab, traveled to Spain with the aim of signing memoranda for the development of 5G in Brazil .

The 5G Brasil Project, as it has been called, will have a partnership with the Infrastructure Association, a European initiative. Agreements with the United States, South Korea and China are yet to be signed before the project gets off the ground.

In March 2017, the government completed the first phase of the process, a public consultation on IoT initiatives in the country. The National Internet of Things Plan is considered the first effective step towards 5G internet in Brazil.

As you already noticed, the 5G internet can be considered a significant technological advance and will allow consumers to enjoy better experiences on their future devices.

High quality video transmission (in 4K resolutions or higher), connected home infrastructure and data exchange between connected or autonomous cars are some of the possibilities.

The systems engineer will often work together with a project manager and the engineering crew and becomes the primary point of communication to interlink between the two to simplify the accomplishment of a successful system.

The 5G internet should provide even greater ease in the transmission of data on a large scale, the so-called big data, allowing to analyze more appropriately information about traffic, water supply or allowing municipalities to implement computerized solutions that directly impact the lives of citizens.


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