Know the difference: cloud backup and cloud storage

Have you thought about investing in cloud backup? What about a cloud storage service? These two solutions are essential for companies that want to decentralize access to important data, have more mobility and reduce costs.

Well structured, both technologies can generate competitiveness for the business and mitigate risks. Want to know more about the topic? Then check out the main differences between backup and cloud storage below!

What is cloud backup?
A cloud backup service is one dedicated exclusively to saving data from systems and devices in a cloud computing infrastructure. The copy process is done at pre-defined intervals and, because it has the cloud, it will allow the restoration of information whenever necessary.

In other words, a cloud backup tool will work similarly to a traditional backup. However, the files will not be saved on an internal server or external media, but in a cloud computing environment.

What is cloud storage?
Cloud storage is a tool aimed at synchronizing, accessing and sharing data between various devices and users. Thus, companies can remain integrated and with a continuous workflow even if their professionals are in different places.

The field technician is also responsible for the configuration, repair, and precautionary upkeep of telecom hardware.

In other words, a cloud storage platform allows multiple people to keep up-to-date copies of files on multiple devices. Thus, the business will have a decentralized routine that can be executed at any point with access to the web.


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