Responsible for the efficient operation and use of the switchboard and paging system to receive and relay calls or messages to the requested party or hospital area.  Assists patients, physicians and staff with general information, monitors all hospital alarm systems and serves as a vital link in the communication process during emergencies and codes.  Strives to make the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those served top priority. Delivers excellent customer service in a manner consistent with our ICARE Values.  Maintains positive interaction with co-workers and other department personnel.  Uses resources efficiently to ensure quality.


  1. Responds to incoming calls in a timely manner and directs caller to appropriate destination providing a smooth, clear and professionally courteous communication practice.
  2. Responds quickly and accurately to disaster and emergency situations as required. Announces MWH emergencies through the overhead paging system and facilitates communication during emergencies. 
  3. Effectively utilizes telecommunications hardware and software including problem or failure diagnosis techniques.
  4. Maintains and updates department databases for call processing and paging, as well as locator information for physicians, management, department employees and on-call personnel. 
  5. Maintains correct department phone roster for MWH.  Primary accountability for insuring this information is posted on the Hospital’s intranet web site.
  6. Communicates pertinent information to co-workers to ensure proper handling and processing of calls when away from the operator position.
  7. Protects patient/coworker confidentiality and privacy.
  8. Supports an environment of respect and dignity to those served. Communicates openly in a non-judgmental and professional demeanor during all interactions with coworkers.
  9. Demonstrates the components of the I CARE values statement (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence). 
  10.  Demonstrates Service PRIDE Standards (smiles and makes eye contact; greets each patient and visitor; seeks out patient and visitor contact; displays appropriate body language at all times; takes 5 minutes each day to go above and beyond for one patient or visitor; honors diversity; thanks every customer).
  11.  Follows all safety rules while on the job.  Reports all accidents promptly and corrects minor safety hazards.  Communicates with peers and management regarding any hazards identified in the workplace.
  12.  Performs other duties as assigned.


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