Implementation and cost of a cloud qualified electronic signature

It is important to note that in view of the technical and organizational features of the implementation of the solution, it is mainly focused on large organizations with an extensive network of electronic signatures and high mobility of employees: for example, certification centers, banks, insurance, and supply companies. This will not become an obstacle for organizations of a different type and scale in using the cloud-based CEP in practice. But it can lead to a disproportion between the cost of introducing the technology and the resulting effect. Implementation of the technology of "cloud" CEP is carried out with the help of an integrator company **.

The integrator provides interaction between the developer of CRIPTO-PRO LLC and the end-user organization, which, due to the high technological complexity of the solution, requires the help of specialists. ** JSC "Analytical Center" - the CA authorization center at the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms, a provider of products and services in the field of information security, authentication and identification.

Meaning of CompTIA Cloud+

The cost of introducing the necessary configuration of the solution, and therefore the total cost of each "cloud" qualified electronic signature, is calculated for customers individually. These values ​​do not have commercial “liberties”, but are strictly determined by the analysis of the current technical equipment of the company, the time and labor of the integrator to select suitable options, and then the necessary investments in the implementation of the chosen “path”.


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