Getting SD-WAN to work

Pure-play SD-WANs – as opposed to bolt-on capabilities to existing routers or other branch appliances such as WAN-opt or firewall and claiming SD-WAN – allow enterprises to not only connect branches together automatically and securely, but they also give enterprises the ability to provide the same secure and automated connectivity from any branch to any cloud, private, public or SaaS [software as a service].”

The year 2020 seems certain to be huge for SD-WAN. Analyst IDC forecasts that this year will see the kick-start to a surge in SD-WAN spend that will exceed bn by the end of 2023.

Getting SD-WAN to work is all about creating a platform that helps enterprises connect users to their applications anywhere, in any cloud and aligning IT with the business needs. But it will only be successful if, and only if, the right conditions are present in businesses and new working methodologies are undertaken. It is not going to be the case that technology suppliers will implement a network or a circuit and then leave.

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With SD-WAN, suppliers will need to go deep inside the end-user organisation and customer’s environment, an exercise that might not be comfortable for many. And to make this arrangement work means articulating precisely the value of such collaboration and how such a way of working will help to solve the organisation’s business challenges.


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