Essential Duties of PBX Operator​​​​​​​ 

Essential Duties of PBX Operator   

  1. Operates the switchboard, which includes receiving, placing and transferring local, domestic and international phone calls.  Records and maintains a record of caller, destination of calls on restricted extensions as directed.  Provides system or directory related information.
  2. Completes long distance, conference and international calls and logs as directed.
  3. Responds rapidly and appropriately to Code-Blue calls, and all other emergencies.  Notifies proper staff regarding fire or disaster alert.
  4. Performs paging functions.
  5. Coordinates the delivery or dispatch of products to their proper destinations including registered mail and air express packages.
  6. Maintains records or logs related to calls or other required information.
  7. Performs clerical or data processing functions as requested.
  8. Assists staff, visitors and patients by providing directions to various Institution personnel, offices, rooms, departments and locations when at the Main Lobby.
  9. Promotes and maintains open communication with all patients regardless of age.


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