As you can imagine, there is not only one area in which this professional can work. Therefore, we have gathered the main ones for you to follow.

1. Software and application development
The area most sought after by software developers is software and application development. Here, engineers can create games, digital platforms, banking systems and private corporate systems, among other things. 

We used to say that this is a very challenging but rewarding area, because you see the end result of the work. So, if you are interested in the ideas and the creation part, this may be the ideal choice.

2. Project management
Are you the one who always pays attention to details and likes to manage people and projects? This is the field of software engineering that suits you. With the execution of the functions of this branch, you take care of all the part of project management and software. It is imperative that you have a managerial profile, sufficient attention and focus to manage the projects in the best possible way.

3. Definition of product architecture
In addition to development and administration, a software developer can also work with the product architecture. In this area, the engineer is responsible for the overall structural design of the software. 

This means that the interfaces need to be organized, all the visual and operational details of the system must be considered and the quality of the project must be evaluated. So, if you are interested in viewing systems and software, be aware that this is the ideal area.

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4. Conducting unitary and functional tests
Testing is indispensable in software development during or after production. The engineer working in this area is responsible for the quality and efficiency of the product delivered to the customer. He is the one who analyzes the system and looks for errors that may affect its performance. It is important to remember that working in this area requires a lot of determination and concentration so as not to miss the first problem that arises. 


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