Digital public services have already been used by 60%

Two years after its inauguration, the Portal, which brings together digital services from the federal government, is used by 62% of Brazilian Internet users. The percentage was released this week by the Digital Government Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy, during Innovation Week 2020.

Currently, 84 million Brazilians are registered on the portal, against 134 million active internet users in the country. The page, which includes 81 government portals and offers 3,961 public services, has 62.6% of the services fully digitalized, 15.7% partially digital (which require physical delivery of documents or presence in person at some stage) and 21.7% not digitized (with the user just entering the service and fulfilling the other steps in person).

According to the Digital Government Strategy, the goal is to achieve 100% digitization of federal public services by the end of 2022. In October, the government had reached the goal of 1 thousand digitalized services, anticipating by almost two months the schedule scheduled to be reached only at the end of the year.

In the assessment of the Ministry of Economy, the great advantage of the Portal consists in the use of only one login and password to access any federal public services. In this way, the citizen can enter My INSS, the digital work card and the digital traffic card through a single credential.

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