Curved screen monitor charges your phone

The Taiwanese company TPV Technology has launched a 2 in 1 device that can be a hand in the wheel for those who work with computers  and always need to have their smartphones  working. It is a  high resolution monitor , with curved screen, which features a platform that charges cell phones without the need to connect a wire to the device.

The smartphone can be placed on the magnetic platform that also serves as the base of the monitor to have its battery  charged. In addition, the feature also allows the transfer of videos, photos and other information between the cell phone and the computer.

Strong competitors
The idea is not exactly original,  since Samsung had already revealed such a device in 2015 and Dell  also presented a very similar one at CES 2016  but still, what we see in the promotional images is a very beautiful design monitor with practical charging function. Undoubtedly, a magnetic platform attached to the monitor is a very considerable attraction for those who like practicality combined with technology.

The company, however, has not yet given further information about the device. We don't know any specs of operation, nor a possible launch date or suggested price. More information should come soon to satisfy the curiosity of those most interested.

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