Certified Ethical Hacker

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) created and manages the CEH certification, which is geared toward security officers and auditors, site administrators, etal. liable for network and data security. The exam is meant to check a candidate’s abilities to prod for holes, weaknesses and vulnerabilities during a company’s network defenses using techniques and methods that hackers employ. The difference between a hacker and a CEH is that a hacker wants to cause damage, steal information, etc., while the CEH wants to repair the deficiencies found.

The goal of this certification is to master ethical hacking methodology which will be utilized in penetration testing. These skills are in-demand and internationally-recognized.

CEH applies equally to on-premises and cloud deployments. Given the numerous attacks and great volume of private data in danger and therefore the potential legal liabilities, the requirement for CEHs is high, hence the salaries reported.

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The CEH certification is continually being updated to match the tools and techniques employed by hackers and knowledge security professionals alike to interrupt into any computing system. you’ll be immersed into a “Hacker Mindset” so as to think sort of a hacker and better defend against future attacks.


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