Blue screen shows computer problems

There is evidence of problems with the computer when the blue screen is shown frequently. It indicates a general failure and is quite common in versions earlier than the current Windows 10. If your device is old and displays the blue screen, check the error code shown on the screen. Problems with disk, RAM, graphics card or program installation are, in general, at the root of the blue screen problem.

Possibly the solution is in the exchange of some component. So, in this type of case it is better to call a specialist or take the computer to a reliable technical assistance.

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Is it the video card?
But it's not just the blue screen that deserves a special look. There are many other problems shown on the screen. There are lines that come and go, different colors from the real ones, images with low resolution, scattered colored dots, green and red in faded tones. And yet, the screen is flashing.

In such cases the problem can be quite simple on a PC, such as a badly connected cable. First, check all the monitor connections and eventually replace the cables.


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